Want to hear about our stance on sustainability?

Well you’re definitely in the right place! Sustainability is such a core factor in my business that I simply HAD to give it it’s own special page to make sure I could fit it all in!

Every business choice I make is done so with our lovely planet in mind – sourcing as many recycled components to make my products as possible. (keep reading for more detailed info on what I use to make all my bits and bobs!)

Here at Belle Terrae, we firmly believe in keeping our lovely planet in as good a state as we can – after all, we only get one! I will never add a product to my range without considering the environmental factors and spend a lot of time researching ways in which my business can improve how eco-friendly it is. Sustainability is SO important to me that that’s where the name of the business (and the ideas behind it) came from: Belle is french for ‘beauty’ and Terrae is latin for ‘of the earth’ so our name literally translates to ‘beauty of the earth’.

The whole idea of Belle Terrae is to create a platform where I can spread awareness of the beauty to be found in recycling and reclaimed objects – making modern and well-crafted, beautiful items out of thrifted and recycled stuff. I want to show people that sustainable doesn’t equal beige, brown, outdated and rough-around-the-edges – it can be bright, bold, fashionable and funky! I’ll always let people know how I’ve made my items as for me the ability to encourage other people to join me in my upcycling revolution is far more valuable than profit! If this is something you’re interested in, hit me up on the ‘contact me’ section and I’ll drop you some tips on how to recreate my products!

Ok, that’s all great, but what’s actually in your stuff?

What’s that I hear you say? Sick of a lack of transparency from your fav brands about their sustainability and what goes into their products? Well worry not – girl I got you! Check the lists below to see exactly what goes into all our bits and bobs.

Painty Pots and Plates:

  • Thrifted ceramic or terracotta plate
  • Recycled paint tester pots
  • Posca Paint Pens
  • PVA based sealant

Fairy Lights:

  • Wire led fairy light set (we do offer the option to send us your own old fairy lights to upcycle and this is our preferred method of making the fairylights!)
  • Recycled beads

Patchwork Cushions:

  • Thrifted cushion covers
  • Vintage sari offcuts
  • Recycled wool from old knitwear
  • Reclaimed thread
  • Recycled beads

Beaded Dreamcatchers:

  • Thrifted Bangles/ reclaimed wooden hoops
  • Reclaimed wool from old knitwear
  • Reclaimed Thread
  • Recycled Beads


  • Thrifted homeware objects
  • Recycled paint tester pots
  • Posca paint pens
  • PVA based sealant

Recycled Bunting:

  • Vintage sari offcuts
  • Second-hand bias tape
  • Reclaimed thread
  • Waste fabric offcuts


  • 100% recycled paper
  • Ink

Original Paintings:

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Matte Emulsion
  • Chalk
  • Second hand oil paints