Hello, I’m Alice

I run Belle Terrae, my own art and homewares business from my home in Suffolk, UK.

I’ve had a passion for arts & crafts and making things (just ask my Mum who spent most of my earlier years following me around to tidy up all my messes) for as long as I can remember. Spending most of my free afternoons since childhood alone in my bedroom fulfilling my crazy craft ideas with whatever scrap materials I’d managed to scavenge from various places. It’s always made sense to me that if I ever want something pretty to put around my room or home (which is always, duh!), to just make it myself. Because of this, I’ve spent most of my life developing my making skills and there’s always some new project I’m working on to learn something new.

Belle Terrae came about initially because of a lack of storage, as funny as that sounds. Basically I ran out of room to store all of the upcycled things I’d made, but still wanted a reason (more like excuse!) to keep making new ones, so the next obvious choice was to start selling!

Since then I’ve been on a crazy learning journey, building my business from scratch with no prior business knowledge, and I’m definitely still at the beginning of it – learning as I go with each new thing! Alongside my business, I’m currently in my second year of my BA-Hons in Fine Art, which is helping me develop my art alongside running the business!

And lastly – three words to sum up my stuff! (I never know how to finish these things so this will be fun):

  • funky (for me colours MUST be bold and funky and rainbow – it’s just a fact!)
  • handmade (Every single item is hand made entirely by my own two hands!)
  • Sustainable (I have so much to say on this one that I’ve given it its own dedicated page so go and check that out to find out more!)